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This is one of the brand new Darcie Gift Sack's. It is an exact copy from her catalog. The sack template is SK01 and uses the following stamps. R4213 Cheery Cherry Tea Frame* R4235 Cheery Cherry Tea Label* B0714 Solid Cherries. Checked blue gingham 12x18 cardstock. Cotman Watercolor paper. Imprintz Black Ink, then emboss. Watercolor pencils and markers The recipe for this mixture is as follows: 4 T instant tea 1/8 tsp.nutmeg 6T sugared lemonade mix 6T sugared orange drink mix 6T sugared cherry drink mix 8 T cinnamon candies Bag individually and layer as shown or you can add the ingredients in layers into two separate bags (one for the mixes and one for the candies). I did mine separately. I found a GREAT bunch of websites for dry mixes you could use with these. There are 4 sizes and this SK01 is second to the smallest. The largest one holds soup/dry mixes and uses a full a 12x18" cardstock for the pattern for use with those gift sacks. Any recipes on the links can/should be adjusted according to your needs. Here are the links. http://holidayorganizer.com/gifts/giftsjar/ http://members.tripod.com/~MaryMae/jarlinks.htm http://www.pastorswife.net/jars.htm http://members.tripod.com/~Tweezle/makemix.html http://www.verybestbaking.com/jars.asp http://www.souprecipe.com/directory/3258.asp

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