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RAK for Vera

Here is a picture of all of the stamped images (top row) and the embossed layers (bottom row)

I would estimate that there are 450-500 images that were sent. I counted 372 and then found a smaller pile I had forgotten to add, so well over 450 came! And what a GREAT variety of images too!

The bottom row is the embossed/punched layers, and there are at least 500 of those, as well.

I have received everything that I knew was coming, so I am packing up the box today and taking it to the Post Office in the morning. (Have a class this afternoon!)

THANKS everyone for your kindness and amazing generosity. I have also enclosed email notes from 5 ladies (so far) so if you would like to send a personal note to Vera, email me TO-day and I will add it to the box.

I have 37.00 left for postage and if that isn't enough, I will cover the rest. ALMOST everyone sent more than the 1.00, so please do not send any more $. I would LOVE to see the look on her face when she gets this!

THANKS AGAIN. There ARE angels on this earth. And they are all rubber stampers!

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