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This is how to do the frame embossing

You need a red sheet of rubber from Lowes called Rubber Packing Sheet. It measures 6" x 6" x 1/8" and costs 1.37 each.


I am sure Home Depot has it too. It needs to be 1/8" thick. It is in the plumbing dept. You can also use 1/16" rubber sheet and the C PLATE, if you can*t find the 1/8".

Cut the rubber sheet slightly shorter and slightly less wide than the folder. The cut rubber sheet will redistribute the pressure to the middle of the folder where the design is, and take it away from the edges where the crease lines are created using just the folder in the cuttlebug. (Mine is cut at 1") Lay the pieces on TOP of the folder with the paper already inside.

Lay the folder and strips ON TOP OF THE PLATE

Since it takes 2 B Plates to emboss, the 1/8" thickness of the strips that you have placed on top of the folder will take the place of the 2nd B Plate in the embossing process. Those strips will distribute the pressure of the embossing process directly onto the strips and the frame shape will emboss, leaving the middle plain or unembossed.


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